5 Tips for Opening a Coffee Shop

Many people have a dream of opening a coffee shop one day. For those that are already in the process of opening one, there are a lot of things to consider. Choosing the right location and equipment, training employees, and building a brand are all essential for a new coffee shop.

Tips for Opening a Coffee Shop

Choosing a Location

The first important step is finding the location. It should be in an area where rent is not more expensive than necessary, or too expensive for the shop owner to expect to make a good profit while they are operating. At the same time, it needs to be in a spot that gets traffic as this can provide a steady, reliable stream of customers coming through the door. 

Another key part in choosing a location is having a drive thru. Not all buildings are able to accommodate having one, but they have been shown to increase a coffee shop’s output by 50-100%. Unless the owner is adamant that they do not want their shop to have a drive thru, it can be a very wise business decision.

Choosing a Coffee Roaster 

One of the biggest decisions a coffee shop owner faces is deciding what coffee to use. It is important to choose a specialty coffee roaster, a rating reserved for coffees that score 80 or above on the grading scale out of 100. These coffees are primarily Arabica and produce a great cup of coffee where it is for espresso, drip, or cold brew.


Finding Equipment

Another step in putting a coffee shop together is picking the coffee equipment that the shop will use. The espresso machine, espresso grinder, drip brewers, and drip grinders are all essential to any coffee shop. There is also other equipment like blenders for frozen drinks and manual-brew items like pour-overs, French press, and Chemex that a coffee shop may want to use for their slow bar.

 For espresso machines, grinders, and drip brewers, it is important to find a good balance between price and functionality. There are used, refurbished, and new espresso machines, which will have a big difference in price. Use the shop’s budget to decide what option to go with.

US Roast also has wholesale pricing on espresso machines, espresso grinders, and drip brewers and grinders. Contact us if you are opening a shop and need equipment. 


Building a Brand 

For a coffee shop to bring in as many customers as possible, it’s important to build a brand that draws them in from all around. Posting on Instagram or bringing in influencers is one way a coffee shop can increase its popularity. 


Opening a coffee shop takes time but is an exciting venture. At US Roast we have wholesale specialty coffee at competitive prices, as well as wholesale pricing on espresso machines, espresso grinders, drip machines, drip grinders, and more. Contact us today for pricing on coffee or equipment.

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