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US Roast Coffee School 

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Barista training is an important part of preparing individuals to work in a coffee shop or café. It is a comprehensive program that covers various aspects of coffee making, customer service, and other relevant skills. US Roast's coffee training curriculum provides a solid foundation in coffee knowledge and hands-on experience to help trainees become confident and competent baristas.

I. Introduction to Coffee

A. History of coffee

B. Types of coffee beans and their origin

C. Grinding, roasting, and brewing coffee

D. Understanding coffee flavor and aroma profiles

II. Espresso Theory and Technique

A. Overview of espresso machines and grinders

B. Understanding the espresso extraction process

C. Making espresso shots

D. Steaming and texturing milk

E. Latte art techniques

III. Manual Brewing Methods

A. Pour over

B. French press

C. Chemex

IV. Coffee Preparation

A. Brewing ratios

B. Grinding and tamping techniques

C. Water temperature and quality

D. Milk frothing and steaming

V. Customer Service

A. Greeting and communicating with customers

B. Taking and processing orders

C. Maintaining a clean and organized workspace

D. Cash handling and making change

E. Resolving customer complaints

VI. Coffee Shop Operations

A. Maintaining equipment and supplies

B. Keeping track of inventory

C. Food safety and sanitation

D. Cleaning and closing procedures

VII. Coffee Tasting

A. Cupping coffee

B. Understanding coffee flavors and aromas

C. Pairing coffee with food

VIII. Business Skills

A. Understanding coffee prices and margins

B. Marketing and promoting a coffee shop

C. Developing a business plan

D. Financial management

IX. Hands-On Practice

A. Practicing brewing and espresso-making techniques

B. Working with customers and taking orders

C. Practicing customer service and conflict resolution

D. Cleaning and maintaining equipment

X. Final Assessment

A. Practical exam on espresso-making and brewing techniques

B. Role-playing customer service scenarios

The curriculum includes a balance of theory and hands-on practice, allowing trainees to apply what they have learned in real-world scenarios. It also provides opportunities for feedback and self-reflection, so trainees can see where they need to improve and how they can continue to develop their skills. 

If you are a coffee shop owner considering attending a coffee school, US Roast provides coffee and barista training for its coffee shops. Get signed up as a wholesale coffee customer today or contact us about our coffee school!