Private Label Coffee

Stop building your roaster's brand & start promoting your own!

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Private-Label Coffee program

US Roast offers private-label bags filled with fresh-roasted specialty coffee. We have wholesale private-label coffee at competitive wholesale prices to help you start promoting your own brand.

With no extra charge for private-label packaging, US Roast has a unique approach to getting coffee shops their own private label coffee bags.

Easy & no/low cost private label - Non-digital bag and label

Choose your bag

Select the bag color. These are block bottom, matte color bags (kraft, black, or white). These are the best 4 ply coffee bags with ZiP Closure available on the market today!

Design your label

Send us a 3x5 logo or label to use on the bags and choose the coffees you would like to include!

Promote your brand!

In today's market, you must establish your brand awareness and recognition. Our private label solution is built to promote your business in store, at home, or across Social Media channels!

Why Wait? Get Started!!!

Promote Your Coffee Brand

In today's visually and social media driven market, with the average consumer having an 8 second attention span, it is more important than ever to STAND OUT from the rest of the market.  We will make an impact on your INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, & YELP driven consumer world, with your own private label coffee.

Branding: It is crucial!

Send us your logo, images, and story, or work with our graphics team to design a beautiful label that will attract attention from your client base! pushing their brands!

When your customer is out of "your" coffee, they get to come back to your location and buy more of their favorite single origin, or custom blend, made just for your shop, restaurant, or cafe. 

bag with label to Full Digital Printed bags

If you prefer a full digital printed bag, with full color on all sides, including the bottom, the minimum quantity is 1000, and we would stock the bag inventory with partial fulfillment and release of your bags as you order them. We can refer you to a third-party bag manufacturer as we do not do digital bags in house. With multiple packaging options available, you can perfect your look and feel, and dramatically impact your branding efforts. 

For digital bags, we recommend using Roastar, PBFY, or Savor


Q: What is the fulfillment time frame?

A: Typically, 3 to 5 days to ship from final artwork approval.

Q: How do we order and pay?

A: From our wholesale portal, you can order & pay (and draw down & track on your custom inventory bags) for our standard bags

Q: How do we design a label?

A: Send us a 3" x 5" label in .ai, .psd, or editable .pdf.

Q: What do you recommend for packaging?

A: We work with any type of standard coffee packaging like stand up pouches, single seam with tin-tie or zipper, quad-seal, block bottom bags, etc. We work with materials that range from kraft paper and mylar, to biodegradable packaging for all of your coffee needs.

Benefits of Private Label

Branding: Private-label coffee provides the opportunity to create a unique brand identity that sets the coffee shop apart from its competitors. The coffee shop can create its own packaging, logo, and name for the coffee, which can help customers easily identify and remember the coffee shop's products.

Quality Control: When a coffee shop sources coffee beans from a private-label supplier, it has control over the quality of the coffee beans and can choose the best beans that meet its specific requirements. This can result in higher-quality coffee and a consistent taste, which is crucial in building customer loyalty.

Cost Savings: Private-label coffee can often be more cost-effective than purchasing coffee from well-known brands. This is because the coffee shop can negotiate directly with the supplier for bulk pricing and bypass the middleman, resulting in cost savings that can be passed onto customers.

Unique Offerings: Private-label coffee provides the coffee shop with the ability to offer unique coffee blends and flavors that cannot be found anywhere else. This can attract customers who are looking for unique and exclusive coffee experiences.