What is Toll-Roasting?

What is Toll-Roasting?

The concept of toll-roasting is simple. Someone has a large amount of unroasted green coffee beans that they need to roast. They may not have a roaster, or they may have a roaster that is not big enough to roast the all of the coffee that they need roasted fast enough. This is when hiring a toll-roaster can come in handy.

Toll-roasters are third-party roasters that probably have their own coffee brand or company but are willing to roast coffee for others as well. Toll roasting both parties because the roaster is able to make use of the big capacity of their roaster, while the client is able to get their coffee roasted much, much faster than if they would try to roast it themselves on a smaller roaster.

Who Can Benefit from Toll-Roasting?

E-Commerce Coffee Brands

The market for home coffee has taken off in 2023. This has produced a higher demand for coffee sold online direct to consumers, and e-commerce coffee businesses have arisen meet that demand. One of the ways that e-commerce coffee brands without their own coffee roaster are getting their coffee to market is with a toll-roaster.

A toll-roaster helps those who want to start their own coffee brand by doing the coffee roasting, while the business owner does the branding for the coffee business and markets their products. This is also considered private-label coffee.

Coffee Shops 

Sometimes a coffee shop may need a toll-roaster as well. Whether they roast their own coffee or not, there may be a big order or some reason why they need to roast a lot of coffee at once.

Coffee Roasters

For toll-roasting one needs to have a big coffee roaster to make the most of the time that they are roasting. A 70-kilo roaster will roast much faster than a 10 or 15-kilo roaster. Some coffee roasters may use a smaller roaster that does the job very well. If they get a big order in, they may need to utilize the services of a toll roaster so that they can get the coffee roasted in time.

There are many other benefits of toll-roasting that can help people in different sectors of the coffee market. Toll-roasting specialty coffee is less common and is something we do at US Roast. If someone has specialty coffee that they need roasted, US Roast's 70-kilo Loring can roast up to 600 pounds of coffee an hour with incredible flavor profiles. If you need coffee roasted for your e-commerce brand, cold brew company, or coffee shop, contact us and we would love to give you a quote! We would love to be your coffee roaster. 

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