"Best coffee & Great People"

The best customer service we have ever gotten from any company! Debby Rook - Rook Coffee Shop

"Amazing Coffee, smooth and delicious"

Our client's love this amazing coffee. It is so delicious, that we get at least one compliment a day. Emily Boobar - Laura's Cheescake

"OUr Nitro & cold brew is Awesome!!!"

Our customers tell us, "This is the best coffee that they have ever tasted" Randy Truesdale - American Tea and Coffee, Coppell, TX.

Wholesale Specialty Coffee

US Roast offers high-quality wholesale coffee that is both delicious and consistent. Our coffee is roasted to perfection, ensuring a rich and robust flavor in every cup. Our experienced roasters use only the finest, hand-selected coffee beans, and our small-batch roasting process allows for precise control and a commitment to quality. Our team of experts works with you to create a custom blend that meets your specific needs and preferences.

By partnering with US Roast, you'll get access to a reliable and trustworthy coffee supplier who will provide you with consistent, delicious coffee every time. Whether you're looking for a signature house blend, a seasonal offering, or a private-label coffee, US Roast has you covered.

Coffee Quality and Consistency

AT US Roast we roast our coffee on a 70-kilo Loring Peregrine. The Loring roaster is more consistent because of its unique design and advanced technology. The roaster features a direct-fire heating system, which provides consistent and even heat distribution during the roasting process.

Unlike traditional roasters that use a convection heating system, the Loring roaster ensures that the heat is applied evenly and directly to the coffee beans, which results in a uniform and consistent roast.Another factor that contributes to the consistency of the Loring roaster is its SmartRoast control system.

This system monitors and adjusts various elements of the roasting process, such as temperature, airflow, and roast time, to ensure that each batch of coffee is roasted to perfection. The SmartRoast control system also allows the roaster to make precise adjustments during the roast, so even small variations in bean size or moisture content can be accounted for.


We are looking to build Partnerships, not just clients. We truly desire to build a long term relationship with you, and your company, that will benefit your company, and ours, for years to come.

This relationship is built on trust, quality, and consistency. At US Roast we pride ourselves on consistent high-quality beans that meet the expectations of our coffee shops and their customers.


Price is not going to be a factor in choosing US Roast. We understand the pricing structure necessary to take green beans through roast, to private label, and then to retail. We will work with you to develop a fair pricing structure for roasting your coffee based on volume and packaging that will ensure your company’s profitability.

Private Label Coffee

You put a lot of effort, time and money into building your business. Along with these investments comes the need to build your brand awareness and recognition. US Roast wants you to succeed and provides you the opportunity with Private Label Branding.

Private-label coffee provides a range of benefits for coffee retailers and consumers alike. It offers a unique opportunity for coffee retailers to differentiate their brand and create a more personal connection with customers. This can help to build customer loyalty and increase brand recognition.

Barista Training

US Roast's experienced team of baristas and coffee professionals offer coffee training to our wholesale customers.

Barista training is an important aspect of the coffee industry, as it equips baristas with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide high-quality coffee drinks to customers. A well-trained barista has the ability to create an exceptional coffee-drinking experience, and is critical to the success of any coffee business.


The FDA does not yet regulate coffee like other “food” products, but US Roast takes Food Safety seriously. Our management team brings extensive knowledge from other FDA regulated food businesses and has developed a HACCP plan that acts as a Quality Control blueprint to follow to ensure a clean, safe, consistent, great tasting product, with lot tracking on every batch of coffee produced.