"OUr Nitro & cold brew is Awesome!!!"

Our customers tell us, "This is the best coffee that they have ever tasted" Randy Truesdale - American Tea and Coffee, Coppell, TX.

"Best coffee & Great People"

The best customer service we have ever gotten from any company! Debby Rook - Rook Coffee Shop

"Amazing Coffee, smooth and delicious"

Our client's love this amazing coffee. It is so delicious, that we get at least one compliment a day. Emily Boobar - Laura's Cheescake


We know that there are a lot of good roasters that provide fresh roasted coffee, but by partnering with US Roast you can expect the following benefits;

Product Variety

We offer Product Variety by sourcing the highest quality green beans from the best coffee growing  countries and regions in the world, and fresh roast them to order. We will work with your company to develop a product that not only tastes great, but works into the story of your business, ie;

Fair Trade, Single Origin, Organic, etc.


We are looking to build Partnerships, not just clients. We truly desire to build a long term relationship with you, and your company, that will benefit your company, and ours, for years to come.


Price is not going to be a factor in choosing US Roast. We understand the pricing structure necessary to take green beans through roast, to private label, and then to retail. We will work with you to develop a fair pricing structure for roasting your coffee based on volume and packaging that will ensure your company’s profitability.


You put a lot of effort, time and money into building your business. Along with these investments comes the need to build your brand awareness and recognition. US Roast wants you to succeed and provides you the opportunity with Private Label Branding.


Show the world how proud you are of YOUR brand. Our state of the art graphics department is capable of producing the highest quality Point of Sale Material, from banners and window clings to table toppers and t-shirts, let us help you promote YOUR brand.


The FDA does not yet regulate coffee like other “food” products, but US Roast takes Food Safety seriously. Our management team brings extensive knowledge from other FDA regulated food businesses and has developed a HACCP plan that acts as a Quality Control blueprint to follow to ensure a clean, safe, consistent, great tasting product, with lot tracking on every batch of coffee produced.