About Us

When it comes to coffee, we’re passionate about perfection. That’s why we select from only the best of Arabica beans grown around the globe.

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Our Mission

We have a simple mission here at US Roast; To perfectly roast the most delicious coffee in the United States.

Our People

We know there are a lot of good companies in the US that can provide fresh roasted coffee, but we know that good people buy from other good people. We are glad to have a team that is committed to serving others out of a selfless desire to help others. 

People like Scott Glover,  our founder, whom also founded Mid America Flight Museum ,  a non-profit/501 (c)(3), to honor Veterans, mentor kids, preserve aviation history, and provide opportunity for community involvement.

Our Method

We find the best roast profile intersection between the natural flavor inherent within the bean itself, and the roast level of a specific bean. Finding the perfect balance between flavor and roast helps us deliver exceptionally delicious coffee to good people all over the globe. 

Our Beliefs

We believe in values and building long-term relationships with customers

We believe in roasting the freshest and highest quality coffees

If you would like more information, please touch base with us- we would love to hear from you! If you are ready to try some delicious coffee, visit our online store.