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Stop building your roaster's brand & start promoting your own!

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Imagine world class coffee & tea. Imagine world class service. Now, imagine US Roast.

US Roast not only brings you world class, 100% Specialty Arabica coffee from all over the world plus award winning teas, we also bring impeccable service that includes the following;

    • Private Label for your coffee, as well as free graphic design
    • Fresh roasted coffee, hand delivered by us!
    • Barista and Staff Training
    • Custom blends for your espresso and Drip Coffee
    • Equipment & Professional Installation of the following; La Marzocco, Opti Pure, Nuova Simonelli, Curtis, MalkoningMazzer, BrevilleVictoria Arduino, & Baratza amongst others. 
    • Free Point of Purchase (POP) materials like window clings, coffee menu boards, tent displays, table displays, etc.

We offer you world class service, exceptional quality, and fair price- Contact us today!



How it works

Choose your bag

Select the type of bag, color and closure. These are block bottom, matte color bags (kraft, black, or white). These are the best 4 ply coffee bags with ZiP Closure available on the market today!

Design your label

We will custom design a label with your logo and custom blend. Let your logo and story be what customers yearn for every morning as part of their morning ritual (not your roasters logo & story).

Upload logo and Assets

Promote your brand!

In today's market, you must establish your brand awareness and recognition. Our private label solution is built to promote your business in store, at home, or across Social Media channels!

Why Wait? Get Started!!!

More than ever- your brand must stand out!

In today's visually and social media driven market, with the average consumer having an 8 second attention span, it is more important than ever to STAND OUT from the rest of the market.  We will make an impact on your INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, PINTEREST, TWITTER, SNAPCHAT, & YELP driven consumer world, with your own private label coffee.

Branding: It is crucial!

We are ready for your assets- Send us your logo, images, and story, or work with our graphics team to design a beautiful label that will attract attention from your client base! Nothing like getting up in the morning looking forward to their first cup of coffee, and all they see is your logo and story. Your logo may not register consciously, but subconsciously, it will leave an imprint, day after day. We are not saying you will be Coca- Cola or Amazon, but they are certainly pushing their brands!

When your customer is out of "your" coffee, they get to come back to your location and buy more of their favorite single origin, or custom blend, made just for your shop, restaurant, or cafe. 

bag with label to Full Digital Printed bags

With our 4 ply, matte color, Zip Closure, block bottom bags with degassing valve, we will provide your private label option absolutely free! If you prefer a full digital printed bag, with full color on all sides, including the bottom, the minimum quantity is 1000, and we would stock the bag inventory with partial fulfillment and release of your bags as you order them. With multiple packaging options available, we can perfect your look and feel, and dramatically impact your branding efforts. 

Point of Purchase Marketing Materials

We leverage our state-of-the-art printing assets to bring you world class printing capabilities at no cost, as our client. Banners, table toppers, window clings, menu boards, and so much more!
If it has anything to do with helping you promote more coffee sales, then we want to do whatever we can to truly partner with you. Drop us an email, or call us at 1 (833) 263-3330 and find out how we can save you a bunch of money on printed materials- especially if you are opening a new location or expanding your menu. 

If we can help you sell more coffee, then we will provide:

• FREE Custom graphics • FREE Counter Displays

• FREE Private Label design • FREE High Quality Banners

• FREE Table top pop-up displays • FREE Perforated Window Clings