The Best Fall Coffee Drinks

Finding the right cup of coffee is easier said than done. The “right” cup of coffee for any given day can depend on one’s tastes, the weather, and the season of the year. The hot summer months tend to call for cold brew or an iced pour over, but once fall comes around, our tasty coffee options multiply. 

Fall is one of the best months for coffee, especially if you’re fan of pumpkin spice lattes. But even if you’re more of a coffee purist and prefer single-origin pour-overs, fall is still arguably the best month for coffee. That’s why it’s time to talk about some of the best coffee drinks to this autumn as the temperature starts to cool 

The Best Fall Coffee

Pumpkin Spice Latte

It wouldn’t be a fall coffee blog without mentioning the pumpkin spice latte. It’s one of the best-selling coffee drinks of the season, and it’s a favorite of coffee lovers everywhere. Many people have been waiting all summer to go stand in line at Starbucks to get their favorite flavored-latte.

There’s nothing wrong with a pumpkin spice latte, but if you’re going to go for one be sure to check on the ingredients. Many “pumpkin” spice lattes use only artificial flavorings to produce the flavor that so many people love. There are plenty of local shops, however, who make their pumpkin spice using natural ingredients. Those are the pumpkins you want to go for.

French Press

A French press is one of the best ways to enjoy coffee with friends. This fall there will be plenty of people making coffee at home, and a French press is one of the best ways to brew when you’re in the comfort of your own kitchen. The cooler weather is going to make people excited about a cup of coffee – both in the morning and the early evening – and a French press is the best way to make coffee for 2-4 people at home.

Single-Origin Pour Over

For the coffee purists out there, nothing beats a single-origin brew. Whether they prefer East African or Central American coffee, there is plenty of single-origin coffee out there to pick up or order and brew at home. Here at US Roast some of our fan-favorites are the Kenya AA and the Ethiopia Harrar. However, the Papua New Guinea is nutty and perfect for this time of year as well.

Fall is the best time of year for coffee. Sure, winter is great too, but fall is the first taste we get of cooler temperatures after the hot summer months. The best way to celebrate is with a nice, hot, freshly-roasted cup of coffee.

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