What is Private-Label Coffee?

Private Label Coffee 

Private-label coffee refers to coffee that is produced, packaged, and sold under a brand that is owned by a retailer or distributor, rather than the coffee roaster or manufacturer. The coffee beans used in private-label coffee can be sourced from a variety of countries and are usually sourced and roasted by the roaster, who then packages and sells the coffee under their own brand name.

Private-label coffee is an attractive option for retailers and distributors because it allows them to offer their customers a unique product that is not available from other retailers, while also allowing them to control the coffee blend or single-origin, packaging design, and branding of the product.

Private-label coffee can be found in many different types of retail stores, such as grocery stores, coffee shops, and big box stores. Many of these retailers offer a wide variety of private-label coffee options, including different blends, roasts, and flavor profiles.

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