Finding Specialty Coffee Wholesale

 Finding Specialty Coffee Wholesale

There are a lot of specialty coffee roasters out there. Some of the most famous in the United States are Onyx Coffee Lab, Counter Culture, and Stumptown. There are also a lot of smaller, independently owned roasteries around the country that do specialty coffee at wholesale prices.


When opening a new coffee shop, restaurant, or e-commerce company that will be selling and serving coffee, it can be difficult to narrow down the selection of coffee roasters. A few of the most important factors include quality and taste of the coffee, the price of the coffee, and selling points like a coffee that is organic, fair-trade, or mold-free.  


How to Find a Specialty Coffee Roaster


Coffee Quality


One of the most important factors to consider when deciding on a coffee roaster is the quality of the coffee. Not all coffee roasters are created equal. While one coffee company might specialize in light roasts, another might specialize in espresso blends or medium/dark roast coffees.


It is important to request samples and try the coffees that a roaster would have to offer. Test the coffee of a roastery next to other specialty coffee roasters’ beans, and make sure that it is the one with the desired flavor profile.  


Price Point


Wholesale specialty coffee is not cheap, so it is important to consider price point. Everyone wants their coffee to be delicious, but if it is too expensive to have a good profit margin, it is going to be difficult to stay in business. Luckily, even when the coffee beans are a little more expensive, the increase in cost-per-cup will only be slightly affected. 




Along with the taste and quality of the coffee and the price that the coffee is sold at, something else to consider when choosing a coffee roaster is marketability. US Roast offers private label, a few organic options, and a couple direct trade coffees.

Other roasters may have a wider selection of direct-trade coffees, have coffee that is “mold-free” or “bird-friendly”, or have other value additions that one can use to help promote their coffee shop or brand.


US Roast is a specialty coffee roaster in Mount Pleasant, Texas that specializes in private-label specialty coffee. US Roast has two 70-kilo Loring Peregrine roasters that allow it to roast large volumes of small batch specialty coffee.  Whether you are looking for a toll-roaster, a specialty roaster for your coffee shop, or looking to switch suppliers, contact US Roast today for a quote! 

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