How to Find the Right Coffee Shop

Finding the right coffee shop to frequent is not always a simple task. There are many factors that come into play. Obviously, the coffee should be good, but it should be served in an environment that is approachable as well. Every coffee shop is different, and thankfully most cities have plenty to choose from.

In order to discover the shop that is right for you, it’s important to figure out what you are looking for. Some serve food, others don’t. Others have a slow bar with a Chemex or French Press. The environment within each coffee shop is different as well, so it is important to pick one that has the atmosphere you are looking for.

Finding the Right Coffee Shop


No matter how good the coffee is at a café, without good service they won’t have any returning customers. Obviously most coffee shops are going to have good service, but this is still an area where no café or shop can afford to cut corners. Friendly baristas are a must-have everywhere coffee is served.

Coffee Quality

Just as important as the service is the quality of the coffee in a coffee shop. There are many different kinds of coffee, some has milk, others are served cold, but the overall coffee quality is going to make or break a coffee shop, particularly in areas like Seattle, Denver, or Austin where the coffee culture is strong and the consumers are used to excellent coffee.


Some people swing by a café on their way to work, but many actually go to the coffee shop to work. Others may go to meet with friends or even go on a date. Regardless of a person’s reason for going to a particular coffee shop, the environment and atmosphere of the place is of the utmost importance.

Healthy Food Offerings 

Many shops will serve some sort of food along with coffee. Just serving food, however, is not enough. It’s important for a coffee shop to serve healthy food. Offering salads and fruit, not just donuts and pastries, is critical to a coffee shop thriving in 2018. It’s also important for a shop to have gluten, dairy, and soy free options.

The Vibe

Overall, each of these characteristics should come together to give a coffee shop a certain vibe. It’s the mix of these each of these factors that make an excellent place to enjoy a cup of coffee.

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